Prices are based on your design needs. The prices listed here are meant to be a rough estimate of what a custom design will cost.

For accurate pricing, please request a design quote.


Boutique Design

Includes custom design and coding, business cards, and installation with your shopping cart.

Starting at $149.99


WordPress Design

Includes custom design and coding, WordPress installation, WordPress plugin setup, and permalink customization.

Starting at 199.99


Search Engine Optimzation

Each site requires different levels of optimization. Prices vary based on your needs.

Starting at $2.99 per page


Keyword Research

Get keywords for your site for optimization or PPC campaigns with Google or Yahoo!

Starting at $1.99 per keyword


Ghost & Copywriting

If you're running short on blog posts and need new ideas or are looking to sell PLR, this may be for you!

Starting at $.03 per word

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