Mindy Golden-King

Mindy KingHey! I’m a 32 year old work at home Mother and Wife. In addition to my own entrepreneurial endeavors I am also the General Manager of Band In My Hand LLC a company formed by my parents. BIMH has allowed me the pleasure of interacting with celebrity recording artists from all music genres including Billy Ray & Miley Cyrus, Ed King of Lynyrd Skynyrd, George Jones, and Melissa Etheridge to name a few.

My husband and I have an amazing 14 year old son, Johnathan. As our son made the transition from toddler to pre-teen my desire to spend more time at home available to him catapulted my passion for working at home. Through the desire to work at home I was able to focus my love for web development into a career.

My web development skills have grown as a result of self-taught research and a strong drive for perfection. Trial and error in combination with previous formal training has allowed me to fine tune my skill set. I am not a developer that is content with doing one thing well and making it my main focus. I prefer to continue to learn, research, and take advantage of newly gained knowledge in order to further both my abilities as a developer and expand on new techniques for use in client projects.

Over the last several years my work has focused on offering services and information specializing in helping other WAHMs introduce and grow their companies to the online community. As my skills and interests have grown I have passed on several of those popular sites to new owners to allow myself the ability to create and build new projects.

Aside from work, I’m a Chicago born native transformed into a true down home southern girl residing in Southeast Arkansas. In my spare time I enjoy reading, spur of the moment road trips, classic muscle car restoration, football games, and spending time with friends and family.

Like to know more about me? Feel free to ask or visit me at Band In My Hand and Community Advertising.

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